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SDN Offers Stable, Local Leadership

Posted on Monday, June 08, 2009

There's little drama at SDN Communications annual meetings. They're a far cry from what you see on the national scene with industries like the auto, airlines, or banking companies struggling these days. Nope. Just another year of solid growth and leadership for SDN Communications. In fact, SDN's Board of Directors remains unchanged. It's the same solid crew of general managers that have served on our board for years, with the exception of one relative newcomer: Denny Law, who replaced retiring Golden West General Manager George Strandell last year. But then Denny has been coming to our meetings for years because he was a regional manager for Golden West in Dell Rapids. These guys are grounded in common sense and hail from salt of the earth kind of places like Wall, Clear Lake and Kennebec. They've made their local telephone companies succeed; they help SDN grow. Our board members don't get fancy compensation packages like the Wall Street type. In fact, they get no compensation at all. Jerry Reisenauer of West River Cooperative Telephone in Bison drives six and a half hours for our meetings that often don't last as long as his drive. Why do they do it? They believe in what SDN and their companies can do for the economic development of South Dakota and the region. Their performance shows that nice, local companeis do win. The staff at SDN thanks each of them below for their service:
  • Jim Adkins, Swiftel Communications, Brookings
  • Mark Benton, Midstate Communications, Kimball
  • Rod Bowar, Kennebec Telephone Company, Kennebec
  • Jerry Heiberger, Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Clear Lake
  • Randy Houdek, Venture Communications, Highmore
  • Denny Law, Golden West Communications, Wall
  • Jerry Reisenauer, West River Cooperative Telephone Company, Bison
  • Bryan Roth, McCook Cooperative Telephone Company, Salem
  • Don Snyders, Alliance Communications, Garretson