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SDN Communications' Gary Fischer Earns Elite Cisco Certification

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog written by Super

The telecommunications industry is known for its acronyms, ever-changing technology and the certifications that back it all up. SDN Communications’ Gary Fischer is an expert in all three. Fischer, a Sales Engineer at SDN Communications, recently received his Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert in Routing & Switching (CCIE R&S) re-certification. He’s one of only two people in South Dakota to earn that level of certification. To Fischer, this Cisco test is one he’s taken before—he has been certified for eight years in CCIE R&S and has now passed his re-certification. To SDN and its customers, this Cisco test demonstrates the technical expertise that SDN brings to the industry. Fischer’s certification is one of over 100 certifications that SDN employees have earned in telecom, 30 of them being Cisco certifications. SDN Communications’ fiber optic network reaches into eight states in the Midwest. It connects over 300 businesses. When SDN says it values the growth of the company, it means more than network connections. It means the ongoing education of its employees—and ultimately better service for its customers.