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SDN celebrates 20 years and shares secrets to customer loyalty with service book

Posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DEC. 15, 2009 - SIOUX FALLS - The secret to customer loyalty, especially in these economic times, is to build relationships based on excellent customer service. SDN Communications is celebrating its 20 years of business relationships through a customer service book it published with author Dee Dee Raap.

One Common Thread: Simple Inspirations to Create Customer Loyalty is designed around 45 words relating to customer service. The colorful book is like a manual of how to put the words into action. It also includes practical tips and inspirational quotes relating to service. The book was delivered to SDN's customers this week and is available to other businesses upon request.

"At first thought a book might seem old fashioned coming from a broadband service provider" says SDN CEO Mark Shlanta. "But in today's high-tech world, customers are looking for good, old fashioned customer service. Plus, in our business that sells Internet and connectivity - services that you can't touch - we wanted to give our loyal customers something tangible to celebrate our 20-year milestone."

The 45 words come from Raap's collection of what she calls JourneyWords®. These words, like "gratitude" and "communication," come with Raap's explanations of how employees can implement them into everyday customer service that leads to increased word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty. Raap uses the words in her training with SDN and other businesses.

"SDN is one of those companies that ‘gets' it. Their high-tech staff understands that gaining customer loyalty still boils down to how you treat people," Raap says. "The lessons our mother taught us still apply in the workplace."

The feedback has been quick even though customers have only had it in their hands a few days.

"One recipient told us he's going to use a page from the book at every staff meeting. Other companies have asked for copies for their employees for customer service training," says Shlanta. "If we can help our customers succeed in a similar way through this book, it's good for all of us."

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