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Schools See Direct Benefit from SDN's Broadband Stimulus Plan

Posted on Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blog written by Super

All schools across South Dakota are already connected with SDN's fiber optic network. Late in 2009, SDN Communications was awarded a $20 million federal grant in order to boost that fiber optic network to over 300 anchor institutions including those schools, goverment agencies, National Guard locations and more. Schools like Estelline will see a direct benefit from SDN's additional fiber capacity. With SDN bringing 10 megabit-per-second Internet access, the school can expand its offering of video distance classes. Joey Struwe, Estelline's district network administrator, says, "Obviously, having a teacher stand in front of the classroom and teaching is ideal. That's what you'd want, but that's not possible in all situations. We have limited resources and this connectivity just helps us enhance the number of things we can offer our students.