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Protect Your Information When Using Wi-Fi Hotspots

Posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Blog written by Super

You hear from your office’s IT department all the time about how important it is to keep your computer safe while at work. That includes not opening email attachments you weren’t expecting, not sharing your password, and not using USB drives when you don’t know what is on them. What you might not hear as much is how important it is to continue these same safety measures in addition to further protection when you leave your company’s network. For those of you that take your laptops home or on the road, click here for a great article about using wireless hotspots, including in your own home. It describes some basic measures that you can take to protect your information when using public wi-fi hotspots, whether for personal or business use. SDN’s supervisor of corporate IT, Amos Aesoph, also suggests the following: 1. Make sure your home wireless network uses a password 2. When entering your username and password on web pages, make sure the address begins with https:// so that the connection is encrypted 3. Do not use the same password you use to log into your company’s network for other online, less secure accounts. Looking for more ways to keep your computer protected? Click here for 5 essential tips to keep your computer safe.