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New TV Spots? Results Are Swimmingly Good

Posted on Friday, September 26, 2008

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Sharks aren’t natural to the South Dakota prairie, but they’ve become part of our office environment at SDN.

Our newest print and television campaign features a graphically animated shark – the proverbial office time killer lurking behind cubicles and outside conference room doors. The fish outline was hard for staff to envision during the television shoot here at our office.

The day television lights, cameras, and tripods cluttered our halls, staff invariably asked what the commercial would look like. The looks of concern on their face were notable when I told them it’d be an office environment with an animated shark swimming by. You have to understand, this building is full of smart, left-brained techie-types. It’s common for them to think the marketing department is, well, a bit out there.

I have to admit, I was concerned myself. But putting trust in the creative minds of Fresh Produce, specifically Mike Hart and Ted Heeren, was the best thing I could do. Add in the photography genius of Jeff Zueger and the imagination of Greg Kiesow Knudsen, the shark artist, and you can’t go wrong. I’m told Greg watched hours of the Discovery channel to get the shark movements realistic.

So why go to all that trouble of animating a shark for a commercial? Because it works. The shark captures attention and helps better explain what SDN does – a visual reminder for how SDN can solve your office time killers. Potential customers already tell me it works.

Just the other day I received an email via our website asking about the phone systems we sell. As marketing manager, I of course asked her how she knew we sold phone systems. “Well, the shark!” she replied. “I keep watching those spots and can relate to our old phone system being a time killer in our office.”

Couldn’t have scripted it better myself.