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New TV ads explain how SDN helps protect and move data

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Most business people probably don’t think much about how a router or a firewall works. However, they probably count heavily on their companies’ communications equipment working well.

Conducting business efficiently and profitably can be difficult even in the best working conditions. People on the front lines of transactions should not be bogged down with technical duties and concerns. That’s a behind-the-scenes job for a company’s IT staff or consultants.

That’s where SDN Communications can help.

SDN helps clients protect electronic systems and data, which in today’s cyber environment are under constant attack. Sioux Falls-based SDN security services help keep clients’ hardware and software up to date to keep data protected and moving on the right course.

Two new TV ads highlight two of SDN’s managed services that protect data and keep information flowing. One of the 30-second spots features Managed Firewall Service; the
other features Managed Router Service, which is also known as Managed Router Service Offering or MRSO.

Fresh Produce, a small but creative advertising agency in Sioux Falls, helped SDN make the ads. They’re simple, catchy and informative.

The ad promoting Managed Firewall Service shows some wired, metal boxes with blinking lights. In the background the viewer hears the sounds of ancient warfare: men roaring, swords clanging and horses neighing.

Then a calm, male voice says:

“You might not notice it, but your company's firewall is bravely defending your business’ online data from all manner of attacks, all the time. You could say SDN's Managed Firewall services are like your business' own personal army. SDN Communications. Enjoy the uptime.”

The ad promoting Managed Router Service also shows electronic boxes with flashing lights. In the background are the sounds of a professional auto race: engines are revving, tires are squealing, and an excited announcer is calling the event.

Then, a male voice states:

“You might not notice it, but behind that little green light, we're doing a lot to keep your business information moving quickly. Just think of SDN's Managed Router as your company's high-speed network pit crew. SDN Communications. Enjoy the uptime.”

Emphasis on security

The warfare and pit crew analogies in the new ads are good. They help explain the role of
complex pieces of communications equipment.

  • A router is a metal box that connects two or more networks and allows them to communicate.
  • A firewall is a box that serves as a traffic cop and, when necessary, stops suspicious traffic.

“Most business people don’t need to know the details of how a router or a firewall works, but they probably should know what the equipment does,” says Vernon Brown, director of marketing and communications for SDN.

The goal of SDN’s new, product-specific TV ads is to help the company maintain its brand
maturity, explain what firewalls and routers do, and also be compelling enough to interest viewers, Brown says.

“They take a very complex piece of equipment and simplify it in a way anyone can understand,” he says.

Helping companies manage and maintain firewalls and routers is among the specialties of SDN. In fact, the company recently renewed its emphasis on providing managed firewall and router services to businesses, organizations and institutions in South Dakota and other states in the region.

For a flat monthly fee, SDN will design, install, maintain and monitor a customer’s firewall or router system. SDN supplies the equipment and replacement parts. Round-the-clock monitoring and alerting services are among the related options available.

Subscribing to a managed service allows clients to take advantage of SDN’s expertise, and to focus their time and energy on their own fields of expertise.

To find out more about SDN Managed Services, download a brochure in the resources tab of the Managed Services page or call SDN at 800-247-1442.