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Internship, Training, Mentorship, Experiences

Caitlin Uthe credits her internship at SDN Communications for helping prepare her for a full-time job in the telecommunications industry. Read More»

BEVCOMM Bill Eckles

The telecommunications business runs deep in Bill Eckles’ bloodline. He’s the fourth-generation chief executive of BEVCOMM, a well-established, family-owned telecommunications company based in Blue Earth, Minn. Read More»

Television Commercials for Rural SD Businesses

Craig Teveldal didn’t think he could afford to promote his business with TV advertising. Then he became familiar with ICAN Advertising and realized his assumption was wrong. Read More»

Randy Yeakel, Comm1 CEO

Randy Yeakel jokes that he’s been around longer than everything at Comm1’s headquarters except the concrete. Read More»

Golden West - 100 Years in telecommunications

Golden West has been a significant factor in the telecommunications business in South Dakota for a 100 eventful years, and the Wall-based company keeps preparing for the future. Read More»

RC Technologies - Scott Bostrom

RC Technologies is a big economic force in small town. The telecommunications cooperative is the largest employer in New Effington, a community of fewer than 250 residents in northeastern South Dakota. Read More»

Jeff Symens, Valley Telecommunications

There are no especially large businesses or colleges in the service area. However, Valley Telecommunications Cooperative’s broadband network is now 100 percent fiber, so the cooperative’s customers enjoy access to high-quality services. Read More»

2016 SDN Board of Managers

SDN Communications’ Board of Managers was elected during its recent annual meeting. Board members will serve a one-year term. Read More»

Steve Meyer, Swiftel

Swiftel is the business branch of Brookings Municipal Utilities that provides telephone, TV and Internet services to homes and businesses in the city. The telecommunications system might be governed in an unusual style, but it’s effective. Read More»

Beresford Municipal Telephone Company

BMTC currently provides services to about 1,250 phone customers, 700 Internet customers and 625 cable customers. Like other telecommunications businesses, BMTC is adjusting as fewer people use landline phones. Read More»