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Golden West Telecommunications - Denny Law, General Manager

Denny Law, chief executive officer of Golden West, jokes that his cooperative doesn’t convene many all-employee meetings. The gatherings would require employees to drive too much. Read More»

Telephone Keypad

The tornado that hit Delmont on Mother’s Day and is a good reminder of why it’s important to keep a landline phone in your home and business. Read More»

Rod Bowar - Kennebec Telephone Company Inc.

Kennebec Telephone Co. Inc. is one of the smallest phone companies in South Dakota. It’s also the most diverse. Read More»

Clear2There Smart Farm

Valley Telecommunications is among the member companies of Sioux Falls-based SDN Communications that has begun offering Clear2there products and services. Read More»

We’d like to see the President make a stronger commitment to maintaining and strengthening existing federal programs that have a proven history of bringing high quality and affordable services to small towns and rural areas. Read More»

Deb Nichols, ICAN

Meet Deb Nichols. Businesses in many communities in eastern South Dakota will likely see Nichols and her colleagues in the coming months. Business operators who don’t see her might want to look her up because she probably can help them. Read More»

SDN Communications Celebrates 25 Years

The creation of the South Dakota Network 25 years ago marked the start of the company that does business today as SDN Communications. SDN has become the premier, regional provider of broadband connectivity and related technology services for businesses. Read More»

Clear2there Smart Farm Solution

Customers of independent phone companies across South Dakota are entering a cool, new era of opportunities in telecommunications. An extensive line of automation products and services for homes, farms, businesses and home care are becoming available to help South Dakotans live and work safer, more efficiently and more conveniently. Read More»

Alliance Communications

Despite financial uncertainties in the future level of federal support for broadband services in rural America, small telecommunications companies serving South Dakota and neighboring states continue to improve their networks for customers. Read More»

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