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RC Technologies - Scott Bostrom

RC Technologies is a big economic force in small town. The telecommunications cooperative is the largest employer in New Effington, a community of fewer than 250 residents in northeastern South Dakota. Read More»

Jeff Symens, Valley Telecommunications

There are no especially large businesses or colleges in the service area. However, Valley Telecommunications Cooperative’s broadband network is now 100 percent fiber, so the cooperative’s customers enjoy access to high-quality services. Read More»

2016 SDN Board of Managers

SDN Communications’ Board of Managers was elected during its recent annual meeting. Board members will serve a one-year term. Read More»

Steve Meyer, Swiftel

Swiftel is the business branch of Brookings Municipal Utilities that provides telephone, TV and Internet services to homes and businesses in the city. The telecommunications system might be governed in an unusual style, but it’s effective. Read More»

Beresford Municipal Telephone Company

BMTC currently provides services to about 1,250 phone customers, 700 Internet customers and 625 cable customers. Like other telecommunications businesses, BMTC is adjusting as fewer people use landline phones. Read More»

Jerry Heiberger, ITC General Manager

Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative Inc.’s service area includes some of South Dakota’s most interesting geographic features. Minnesota’s, too. Read More»

Vernon Brown, Amy Klobuchar, Bill Otis

Two US Senators, independent telephone companies and industry leaders are celebrating the launch of an expanded broadband network that now runs across southern Minnesota for the opportunities it will bring to existing, new and future businesses in the region. Read More»

SUE the T-Rex in Faith, SD

The small town of Faith might be best known as the former home of SUE, the Tyrannosaurus rex. A fossil hunter discovered the creature's skeletal remains near the community in 1990. Catherine Bach, the actress who played Daisy Duke in the TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard,” also spent part of her youth in the area. Read More»

Tools for building in small towns

One of the newest employees hired by Kennebec Telephone Co. Inc. has to drive 40 miles to work, one way, because he couldn’t find a closer home for his family. Kennebec and neighboring communities in central South Dakota don’t have much open housing to offer new residents. Read More»

Mona Thompson / CRST Telephone Authority

Leaders of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Telephone Authority take pride in their business being the first tribally owned telecommunications company in the United States. Read More»