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Keeping data secure will be focus of presentations in Sioux City

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 in Broadband Internet , Managed Firewall

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Save the Date. And Your Data

Business people in the Sioux City, Iowa, area will get an opportunity on April 30 to see and hear several experts address the timely issue of data protection and related issues in telecommunications.

Equipment options and strategies for securing electronic information will be a common thread running through a series of presentations.

Speakers will talk about Wi-Fi systems, computer firewalls, unified communications, data protection and storage, and other topics with a high degree of relevance in today’s competitive, risky and changing business environment.

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Sioux City-based FiberComm and Sioux Falls-based SDN Communications are teaming up to host the half-day event. It begins at 8 a.m. Thursday, April 30, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sioux City and lasts until 12:30 p.m. (The hotel is at 1132 Larsen Park Road.)

The event is free, but advance registration is requested.

SDN and FiberComm are both in the business of providing broadband connectivity. FiberComm, a wide area network provider partly owned by SDN, serves residential as well as business customers in Sioux City’s tristate, metropolitan area.

FiberComm is SDN’s preferred provider of broadband connectivity in the Sioux City area. It serves several thousand customers with phone, Internet, and data lines using state-of-the-art technology. The company takes pride in serving existing customers at a high level and wants to keep doing that, but it also wants to grow its business base, says Jeff Zyzda, IT/marketing manager for FiberComm.

“In order for a business to take advantage of the type of services offered by SDN, clients must have access to reliable connectivity with sufficient bandwidth,” Zyzda says. FiberComm provides that in its market area.

“We’re providing the connectivity between the customer location and the cloud. SDN is providing the applications in the cloud,” Zyzda says.

In addition to serving businesses and institutions across South Dakota and parts of neighboring states with connectivity, SDN offers high-tech equipment and services that help businesses move, store and protect electronic information.

“We’re interested in expanding some of these solutions in the Sioux City area,” says Dennis Cromwell, vice president of sales at SDN. “One of the things that would allow us to do that efficiently and effectively is our partnership with FiberComm.”

FiberComm knows the market, has existing customer relationships and a robust, fiber-based network in the area, Cromwell says.

“Our interest would be to overlay some of SDN’s products and services over the FiberComm network,” he says.

Data security will be addressed at the April 30 event in the context of premise-based and storage solutions, Cromwell says. Several of the presenters have ties to SDN and the company’s major vendors.

Major topics that will be addressed include:

Experts scheduled to speak include:

  • Aaron Hansen, a sales engineer at SDN who specializes in developing communications solutions and efficiencies for businesses.
  • Steve Rueschhoff, a sales engineer at SDN who previously worked for more than 20 years working with and managing contact centers and related networks.
  • Jered Schock, a territory account manager for Cisco Systems and an experienced IT consultant who follows technology trends.
  • Mike Tradewell of Nimble Storage, who has more than 30 years of experience in IT.

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