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SDN takes on fight against nasty, little DDoS monsters

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 in Broadband Internet , Managed DDoS Protection

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What monsters are clogging your network

Businesses that don’t use the Internet don’t have to worry about electronic attacks from nasty, little DDoS monsters.

For most other companies, the possibility of their Internet service being overwhelmed and jammed up with malicious, space-eating blips is a big and growing concern.

DDoS is short for Distributed Denial of Service, a form of online attack that is becoming popular because it’s become relatively cheap and easy to deploy.

The impact on targets can range from inconveniencing to devastating, depending on the severity. DDoS attacks try to make programs unavailable by overwhelming them with bad electronic signals.

DDoS attacks are on the flip side of all the positive advances in broadband technology that have helped businesses grow and prosper. Unethical competitors, disgruntled employees, unsatisfied customers or other cyber-criminals don’t even need computing expertise to devise attacks. They can buy attack services anonymously on the dark web.

To help businesses in the Sioux Falls region ward off mischievous and malicious attacks from these little electronic monsters, SDN Communications in Sioux Falls has launched a new service: Managed DDoS Protection. Because the protection is deployed upstream – away from clients’ networking infrastructure – Managed DDoS Protection is only available to businesses and organizations that also get their Internet service from SDN.

It’s too early to tell how popular the new service will be with clients, but there’s definitely a need for it, says Dave Fehrs, a senior account executive at SDN.

“These kind of attacks are on the rise,” he says. “If you can afford to be without the Internet, maybe you can afford to be without protection.”

Managed DDoS Protection is just another tool that businesses should consider adding to their security arsenal, Fehrs says.

“When you look at network security, you have to look at it from a multi-layered approach. This is specific to the Internet, but it is an important piece of your network security strategy,” he says.

SDN’s menu of online security solutions also includes Managed Firewall and Managed Router services. Like other managed services, DDoS protection helps subscribers hold down upfront, capital investments because SDN provides and maintains the equipment. The set, monthly cost of the service depends on the level of protection desired by the client.

Severe DDoS attacks can clog equipment and force some businesses to close, at least temporarily.

“We know these attacks are increasing. It’s getting easier and easier for bad actors to propagate this stuff,” says Eric Sahly, who is also a senior account executive at SDN. “We don’t have many customers who can afford to shut their doors in the middle of the day.”

Big companies no longer are the only targets. DDoS Attacks have trickled down to small and midsize companies, and even down to gamers. The growing rate of DDoS attacks has increased the need for businesses to protect themselves.

Sahly likens DDoS protection to insurance.

“Insurance is always expensive when you’re paying the premiums - until you need it. Then you’re glad you have it,” he says.

For more information about SDN broadband connectivity and security services, contact Sahly, Fehrs or another account executive from SDN. Call 800-247-1442 or use the contact form on the SDN Communications website.

Celebrating the battle

Sioux Falls-based SDN started offering Managed DDoS Protection in early October. To help spread the word, SDN employees and customers are invited to participate in the Sioux Falls Zombie Walk, which will be held Oct. 24 in the downtown area.

The Zombie Walk is a fitting backdrop for a DDoS educational campaign because attackers sometimes enlist the help of virus-infected computers known as zombies to do their dirty work. Zombie computers, in turn, can be turned into armies known as botnets, which can be controlled remotely by human evil-doers.

Members of the SDN Response Team invite anyone who is interested in having a little fun and learning about DDoS to dress up and join them in the Zombie Walk. You can meet up with the SDN group between 4 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the Icon Lounge, at 402 N. Main Ave. Just look for people-sized monsters wearing “Plan for Zombies” T-shirts.) The walk begins at 5 p.m. at Skelly’s Pub and Grill at 130 S. Phillips Ave.

After the walk, a DDoS Launch Party will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Icon. The party will celebrate the start of SDN’s fight against those invisible little monsters that are threatening to clog Internet pipes. Free drinks, appetizers and T-shirts will be available.

The invitations have gone out. If you're with a business that's interested in joining SDN, let them know using the contact form