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IT improvements help equipment dealership better serve customers

Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 in Managed Firewall , Managed Router

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Gears - IT system improved for ag dealership

Pedersen Machine Inc. in Beresford is a busy place. It’s a John Deere dealership with 22 employees that serves customers from a wide area.

The agricultural equipment dealership sells everything from combines and tractors to mowers and sprayers. It also carries a full line of Polaris all-terrain and utility vehicles.

The business also recognizes that broken equipment costs customers time and money. So the company carries a large selection of parts and accessories to help clients keep their down time to a minimum.

Understandably, customers don’t want to waste time standing in line at a checkout counter, waiting for an outdated or overloaded system to complete a transaction or print a receipt.

That’s what was happening at Pedersen Machine, which doesn’t have a regular IT staff. When its network started balking, they called SDN Communications to help identify problems and update the system.

“They came down right away,” said Jason Atwood, who works in the parts departments at Pedersen Machine. “I think the first day they came down for a couple of hours, and they pretty much had the problem fixed.”

It wasn’t quite that easy. SDN’s engineers discovered the dealership’s network switch had reached the end of its functional life and had to be replaced. They also found a firewall needed to be replaced and added antivirus protection to computers.

“Randy was very happy,” Atwood said, referring to Randy Bak, the president of the family-owned business and his father-in-law. Atwood was pleased, too.

“We gave them a more stable and secure network, and one that’s easier to administer,” Chris Aeilts, an SDN account executive, said.

The solutions also made it easier for the company to make sure employee online surfing does not interrupt critical business functions. It also has a cloud-based management interface, which enables SDN to remotely troubleshoot and offer configuration assistance, if necessary.

“If something goes wrong, I try to fix it. If I can’t, I call them,” Atwood said.

“In many cases, small businesses don’t have to hire an IT staff to handle their network maintenance. SDN can take care of it for them,” Aeilts said.

SDN and its local member company, Beresford Municipal Telephone Company (BMTC), work together to help Pedersen Machine maintain a high level of efficiency.

BMTC, which provides Pedersen with Internet connectivity and telephone services, also assists the dealership.

“They know they can call on us for any kind of technical support,” said Todd Hansen, general manager of BMTC.

BMTC’s staff assisted a crew from SDN with the project at Pedersen Machine. 

It’s a layered approach from SDN and its member companies that help ensure customers they can get the help they need, when they need it.

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