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It Feels Good to Give Back

Posted on Monday, November 08, 2010

Blog written by Super

Do you know how many kids in the Sioux Empire go hungry each weekend? About 3,300.

SDN Communications recently volunteered for the Backpack Program. It's the featured program this year for the United Way and it's meant to help feed/support kids who might otherwise go hungry on the weekends. SDN employees met at the "Feeding South Dakota" building and formed an assembly line to fill bags with items like peanut butter, fruit cups, juice boxes, apples, oranges, oatmeal, etc. and loaded up 28 pallets of bags. Once the bags are distributed to the schools, each qualifying child gets to put one bag in his/her backpack for the weekend. SDN is also a huge supporter of the United Way. So when we get the opportunity to directly help one of their programs, it feels good to give back.