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Is Your Business Information Safe from Hackers?

Posted on Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog written by Super

Hackers target businesses large and small. Security breaches can have a major financial impact on your business and can also lead to lost consumer confidence in your brand, increased employee downtime, legal costs and public relations and marketing expenditures.

Often, small to medium businesses do not have the internal staff to proactively monitor and manage network security. Many of these businesses turn to Managed IT Services, like Total Care Solutions from SDN Communications.

Services like firewall monitoring and management, off-site data protection and server recovery, and network monitoring and management from an outside vendor can provide security for your valuable data. This allows you to focus on keeping your business running day-to-day.

Benefits of working with a managed IT service provider include:

? Access to Network Security Experts – providers that focus on network security have a team of experts that monitor against network threats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

? Increase Consumer Confidence – consumers that know their information will be safe have more trust in your business.

? Simple, Secure and Cost-Effective Duplication and Storage of Information – never worry about losing your data again.

When you start thinking about the data you have about your customers, you begin to understand the value that it has. What do you want to make sure is protected? Credit card information, birth dates, and contact information, are all examples of data that have been compromised, placing a business and its customers at risk.

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