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Infographic: Managed vs. Unmanaged Services

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Regardless of a company’s size, one successful attack on its electronic data might be too many. SDN offers four managed services focused on helping businesses with network security and other operational chores:

  • Managed Firewall. Maintaining a good, next-generation firewall has become an absolute necessity for protecting the perimeter of a network.
  • Managed Router. Enhances the performance and protection of wide-area networks that use SDN connectivity.
  • Remote Network Monitoring. SDN’s Network Surveillance center is staffed by technicians 24x7x365 to monitor clients’ networks for potential problems and traffic patterns.
  • Managed DDoS Protection. SDN’s newest managed service is designed to detect trouble and protect client networks from being overwhelmed and compromised in Distributed Denial of Service cyberattacks.

The infographic below lays out three ways Managed Services bring value to a company's cybersecurity infrastructure. Take a look and fill out the form to receive a high-resolution download. Then, use it to help make your case for managed services at your business.

Cybersecurity: Managed. vs. Unmanaged
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