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KSFY: Is Your Business Safe From Hackers?

On the outskirts of Sioux Falls is a secured building which outside, it looks like a fortress, but inside it's SDN Communications data center. Read More»

We’d like to see the President make a stronger commitment to maintaining and strengthening existing federal programs that have a proven history of bringing high quality and affordable services to small towns and rural areas. Read More»

Deb Nichols, ICAN

Meet Deb Nichols. Businesses in many communities in eastern South Dakota will likely see Nichols and her colleagues in the coming months. Business operators who don’t see her might want to look her up because she probably can help them. Read More»

Sioux Falls-based SDN Communications is expanding in Minnesota and Iowa. The communication and broadband services company is partnering with seven independent telephone companies to provide Internet service for business customers. Six of the companies are in southern Minnesota and one is in northern Iowa. Read More»

SDN expands into Minnesota, Iowa

Sioux Falls-based SDN Communications is expanding east as it adds partnerships in Iowa and Minnesota. Seven independent telephone companies – six in southern Minnesota and one in northern Iowa – are partnering with SDN to improve connectivity and Internet options for business customers. Read More»

Rural Opportunity Investment Conference

SDN Communications CEO Mark Shlanta is an invited guest at the White House today for the Rural Opportunity Investment Conference put on by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Shlanta will be a panelist Thursday, speaking about the opportunities in rural telecom. Read More»

Clear2there Smart Farm Solution

Customers of independent phone companies across South Dakota are entering a cool, new era of opportunities in telecommunications. An extensive line of automation products and services for homes, farms, businesses and home care are becoming available to help South Dakotans live and work safer, more efficiently and more conveniently. Read More»

Up to 40 percent of businesses disrupted by natural disasters or human-caused problems never reopen, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Customers probably will sympathize with a business that gets shut down, but if they have to wait too long for a needed product or service, they are likely to go to a competitor. Read More»

Gary Duncan, FACHE

A devastating tornado made Gary Duncan an expert on business continuity and disaster recovery. Duncan was the president and CEO of the Freeman Health System on May 22, 2011, when a violent tornado ripped through Joplin, Mo., and killed 158 people. Read More»

Avera Health Prairie

When physicians in Sioux Falls and other communities in Avera Health’s five-state region need to consult in real time to care for patients, a highly reliable level of connectivity is a must. SDN Communications of Sioux Falls supplies high-speed private lines for electronic communications – in addition to Internet connectivity – to much of Avera’s vast network. Read More»

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