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Eric Erickson brings valuable experience in telecom to SDN

Posted on Monday, July 28, 2014 in Employees

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Eric Erickson, SDN Communications Sales Team

Eric Erickson brings a wealth of valuable experience to SDN Communications.

Erickson, a senior account executive, has been working in the telecommunications industry for 18 years, including some time competing against SDN sales representatives in Sioux Falls. So he came to SDN knowing how the company is perceived in the business community.

“SDN has an extremely good reputation in the business community for what it does,” Erickson says.

SDN is the premier provider of broadband connectivity and related telecommunication services for businesses and institutions across South Dakota and parts of neighboring states.

Erickson spent five of his previous 18 years with Brookings-based Swiftel Communications, which isone of the 17 independent telephone companies in South Dakota that own SDN. So he also brings an understanding of SDN affiliate companies to his job.

He also brings an outside perspective because he also has worked in Phoenix.

At SDN he reports to Ryan Punt, vice president of sales. Erickson appreciates the flexibility that the company and its services provide sales executives to help serve customers.

“It empowers you to do what you need to do,” he says. “SDN empowers you to use level-headedness to accomplish what’s good for the customer and the company.”

The telecommunications business is all about uptime – keeping businesses’ telecommunications systems up and running smoothly as much as possible. However, the true measure of a company and its representatives might be how they stand by customers in times of adversity, Erickson says.

“Anyone can do the right thing when things are going well. It’s doing the right thing when things aren’t going well that defines an individual and a company,” he says.

He embraces the responsibility of assisting clients in periods of downtime or when they face challenges.

“Remaining calm, levelheaded and accountable are the things that maintain long-term relationships,” he says.

Experience in hard knocks, too

Erickson also has experience in hard, physical labor.

He graduated from Brandon Valley High School in 1989. Before going to college, he spent a year with a crew that went around the country to repair concrete grain elevators.

It was a dirty, difficult work, he says.

“There’s nothing like that kind of work to convince you to go to college,” he says.

He went to South Dakota State University, where he studied communications. He especially liked the production side of broadcast journalism, he says.

As a student, he was the first program director and first voice broadcast by KSDJ, a radio station owned by SDSU. He also worked for other local radio stations in Brookings.

He graduated from SDSU in 1995 and in 1996 started working for Brookings Telephone Co., which evolved into Swiftel.

He’s married and has three stepchildren, ages 9 to 15, who keep him busy away from work. He also is active in his church, The Point is to Serve, which is affiliated with American Baptist Churches.

Erickson also maintains ties to SDSU; he’s president of Sioux Empire Staters, an alumni chapter in Sioux Falls.

“It’s a great way to get to know people in the community and stay involved with the university. I’m proud to have that in my history,” he says.

As a senior account executive, he works with state government and seeks new business clients. He likes to invite prospective customers to SDN headquarters in Sioux Falls to show them the products and services that are available.

Potential applications of products and services are flexible. They have to be, Erickson says, in order to meet the needs of clients.

“Each individual is unique. Each situation is unique,” Erickson says. “You can’t apply a template to each sector.”

Email Erickson about products and services that SDN can provide businesses, organizations and institutions or reach him directly at 605-978-2222.