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Employee training and development is a good investment

Training & Certifications

Developing workers internally can help a company on multiple fronts. Good training can increase employee productivity and promote worker satisfaction. It also can enhance the appeal of the company, which is useful in attracting new employees. Read More»

Employee health is valued asset at SDN Communications

Team SDN - Mark Shlanta Runs Sioux Falls Half Marathon

SDN encourages its employees to be active and healthy and not just with verbal encouragement. In addition to hosting wellness presentations and competitions for employees, the company offers its workers cash incentives for good health practices. Read More»

Mark Shlanta, SDN Communications CEO

SDN Communications CEO Mark Shlanta will testify to that as an invited guest of the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee field hearing Sept. 3 at Dakota State University in Madison. Read More»

SDN Receives ESGR Award

SDN Communications accepts an Above and Beyond Award in recognition of extraordinary support of its employees serving in the South Dakota Guard and Reserve. Read More»

SDN 2015 Interns

Finding good employees is a constant challenge. One good way to combat the problem is to hire promising interns and groom them into full-time employees. SDN Communications is among the companies that has been making greater use of its internship program in recent years. Read More»

SDN Communications starts with

At SDN Communications, 'Enjoy the Uptime' is more than a slogan. Providing uptime for businesses is the bottom line. Read More»

SDN Breast Cancer Survivors

Shauna Sperle has participated before in cancer walks. But this is the first year she has participated as a cancer survivor. Read More»

Carrie Johnson

Carrie Johnson’s interest in national history and government lured her to Washington, D.C., where she attended college and enjoyed a successful career as a legislative assistant. Read More»

Mark Shlanta, SDN Communications

OSP, a telecommunications trade magazine reaching an international audience, has named SDN Communications CEO Mark Shlanta a Progressive Rural Network Evolutionary. Read More»

Feeding SD Backpack Program

Feeding South Dakota addresses the challenge of hunger by providing food to people across the state. The organization depends on donations from companies and individuals to pursue its mission. Read More»