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Email Accounts Can Be Vulnerable To Hackers

Posted on Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog written by Super

A big part of our focus at SDN is in keeping a vigilant eye on the security of our customer’s networks. One area that is difficult to secure and often overlooked is the personal email account that may contain sensitive company information or corporate user account passwords. With the proliferation of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and the like, it’s now easier than ever for hackers to get access to personal information that can be used to gain access to this sensitive information. A recent article from PC World talks about how a hacker broke into a Twitter employee’s personal Gmail account. The hacker found a user’s Gmail account was linked to an old hotmail email no longer in use so he registered for the Hotmail account and used the password recovery feature in Gmail to get unauthorized access to the Gmail account and access over 300 private company documents. The article encourages us to be vigilant in the use of complex passwords and secret questions/answers that only we could know the answers to. Access to personal information on social networking sites further complicates the problem as hackers may find info like your mother’s maiden name, home town, birth date, etc.

Additional ways to secure your personal information: lock down your Facebook account information to only people that you know. Limit the personal data on your public LinkedIn profile. And…if you ever find out that you are locked out of an email account or receive a request to change your password that you did not send, you can figure your account has been hacked and need to change your password immediately.