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KSFY: Is your business safe from hackers?

Posted on Tuesday, February 03, 2015 in Data Center , Managed Firewall , In The News

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KSFY: Is Your Business Safe From Hackers?

Posted: Tue 10:33 AM, Feb 03, 2015
By: Mark Roper
KSFY Reporter


On the outskirts of Sioux Falls is a secured building which outside, it looks like a fortress, but inside it's SDN Communications data center.

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"This building is actually meant to protect against natural disasters as well, as you can tell, it looks like a bunker, and it really replicates a bunker when it comes down to it," Tischler said.

Very few people have access to it but Tischler took KSFY News on an exclusive tour of the data center. His job is to find those cyber leaks and make the life of a hacker more difficult.