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NIST Cyber Framework Training

Telecom executives, risk managers, legal advisers and IT leaders are among the business people invited to attend the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Training in Sioux Falls. The framework provides information designed to help organizations determine their current cybersecurity capabilities and establish a plan for improvement. Read More»


The most common password – and therefore the worst one of the year – was “123456,” according to Read More»

Sandworm the latest Zero Day Exploit

Another critical and long-term vulnerability was brought to light this week. Dubbed Sandworm, the security flaw (CVE – 2014 – 4114) has existed for years affecting all current versions of Microsoft Windows from Vista to 8.1 and including Server 2008 and 2012. Read More»

Shellshock Questions Answered

What you need to know about the Shellshock security flaw? SDN gives you insight on its impact and what areas are safe. Read More»

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