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RedTeam Hacks Electric Cooperative

I recently watched a captivating, 16-minute video. It documented how a team of hired hackers rather easily broke into the headquarters, substations and other facilities of what appeared to be a secure rural electric cooperative. Read More»

BBB of SD Cybersecurity Event

Cyberattacks on small businesses are increasingly frequent and larger in impact. Criminals from countries around the world are constantly looking for electronic information of value or trying to disrupt commerce. Read More»

Computer Code

The three toughest days in Thane Barnier’s professional life came in 2013, when he had to fight a nasty variety of ransomware. Read More»

7 ways to ruin an Internet scammer's day

Warning about phishing schemes

Recently, while navigating the internet, an SDN customer received what appeared to be a security window pop-up that encouraged the customer to call an 800 number because his system might have been compromised. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks can come from across town or around the world. Victims can’t always pinpoint who’s to blame. Regardless of where the attacks are coming from, businesses have to defend themselves and do it well. Their best option is to take a layered approach to cybersecurity. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity - Protecting Workstations

Deploying an effectively layered cyber defense means that every point of access in an organization’s network must be strongly protected. That includes workstations. All of them. Read More»

Infographic of the month: Layered Security

Infographic of the Month

Layered Security: An approach to securing your network against malicious attacks. Read More»

Networks must be protected inside the perimeter, too

Layered Cybersecurity - Protecting the Network

Providing good cybersecurity requires an acknowledgement that protecting the edge of a network well is no longer enough. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity - Protecting the Edge

Firewalls have big jobs, and their duties are getting bigger all the time because of the rising frequency and sophistication of attacks. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity - Training Employees

Employees are many companies’ greatest asset. In most cases, the workforce is also the most vulnerable layer of an organization’s network. Read More»