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Layered Cybersecurity - Protecting Workstations

Deploying an effectively layered cyber defense means that every point of access in an organization’s network must be strongly protected. That includes workstations. All of them. Read More»

Infographic of the month: Layered Security

Infographic of the Month

Layered Security: An approach to securing your network against malicious attacks. Read More»

Networks must be protected inside the perimeter, too

Layered Cybersecurity - Protecting the Network

Providing good cybersecurity requires an acknowledgement that protecting the edge of a network well is no longer enough. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity - Protecting the Edge

Firewalls have big jobs, and their duties are getting bigger all the time because of the rising frequency and sophistication of attacks. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity - Training Employees

Employees are many companies’ greatest asset. In most cases, the workforce is also the most vulnerable layer of an organization’s network. Read More»

Layered Cybersecurity - Starts at the top

Implementing good cybersecurity is no longer a responsibility that company executives or board members can assign to the IT staff or an outside provider, and then ignore. For most organizations, there’s too much at stake. Read More»

Cybersecurity - The layered approach

To adequately protect themselves, businesses and other organizations need to take a layered approach to cybersecurity. They have to have good policies in place, maintain good security equipment at every juncture and take extra precautions with their most vulnerable asset: their employees. Read More»

Election cybersecurity

Several incidents in the recent past have brought to the surface concerns about cybersecurity as it relates to elections. They have demonstrated the need for the nation, as a whole, to make improving cybersecurity a higher priority Read More»

DSU Gen Cyber Camp for Girls

I don’t know whether my Emma will grow up to be a Protector of the Internet. It’s too soon to tell, and she has years of career exploration ahead. But I do know the GenCyber experience, offering an empowering environment to learn about coding, hacking, robots, and more, will give her the confidence to pursue a passion. Read More»

Bitcoin -

The secrecy surrounding the creation of bitcoin is fitting, perhaps, because part of the appeal of the virtual currency is that users can acquire and spend it anonymously. It’s like two strangers making a private transaction with cash. Except bitcoins don’t physically exist. They only exist as electronic transactions. Read More»