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Cyber Terms

There are other words and phrases, especially in the cybersecurity realm, that can be confusing. I talked to some cybersecurity experts at SDN Communications, checked several websites and made a list. Read More»

Infographic Of The Month: Email Spoofing

Infographic of the Month

In this month's infographic, we explain who is targeted by spoofing emails, how they trick you and what to look for to avoid falling victim to this type of phishing attack. Read More»

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality

Without the use of virtual reality, some electronic games probably would be just, plain boring. VR technology uses equipment such as headsets to present realistic images in an imaginary environment. Read More»

BBB Cybersecurity Event

No business, institution or individual can avoid malware attacks, not even a university that trains future cybersecurity experts. Read More»

Updating your systems and devices

The massive data breach at Equifax dramatically demonstrates the importance of promptly applying software patches. Read More»

Cyber Threat Landscape Report

During recent months, the Managed Firewalls that SDN Communications’ customer use weeded out approximately 2,000 attacks directed at a vulnerable version of Apache Struts website-building software. Read More»

Infographic Of The Month: What is ransomware?

Infographic of the Month

Our infographic of the month shows you what you need to know about ransomware and how to protect yourself. Don't let hackers hold your information hostage. Read More»

Email spoofing: What it is and how to spot it

The anatomy of a spoofed email

After recent hurricanes, there were reports of fraudsters spoofing caller ID numbers to make scam calls about flood insurance. In other words, the bad guys disguised their phone numbers to trick people out of info or money. Read More»

What to do before and after a ransomware attack

Ransomware Files Encrypted

A company gets hacked by ransomware every 40 seconds. Such incidents raise questions about how employees should respond to the threats in the workplace. Read More»

BBB Cybersecurity Event

Businesses entrusted with personal and sensitive data can no longer consider cybersecurity a secondary support duty. Keeping information safe is more important than that. The Better Business Bureau is hosting a free program designed to help keep business representatives up to date on the cyber threat landscape. Read More»