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digital economy money and cybersecuity

A new report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the security software company McAfee estimates that cybercrime costs the world nearly $600 billion a year. Read More»


Data Privacy Day probably didn’t create three-day weekends for many Americans, but the Jan. 28 observation brought welcome attention to cyber issues of growing importance in the United States. Read More»

Data Privacy: Resources for you, your business

Data Privacy Day is January 28

Advances in high-tech fields such as automation and artificial intelligence, as well as old-fashioned criminal greed, have made digital data difficult to protect. But it must be done. Read More»

employee frustrated with malicious email

Email is the initial weapon of choice for a lot of cybercriminals. It’s a cheap, easy and low-risk way for a thief to get an initial introduction to a business. Read More»

McAfee 2019 Cyberattack tactic flow chart

I often feel a little uneasy after reading about the latest cybersecurity threats. McAfee Labs' report for the new year was no different as it revealed rumblings from the cyber underground suggest hackers increasingly are working together to launch more effective attacks. Read More»

selecting insurance service for business cybersecurity protection

To help protect themselves financially, some businesses are buying cyber insurance. It’s a relatively new offering that can help cover expenses related to incident response, legal defense and business interruption. Read More»

A crash course on the details found in a malicious email, variations and a reminder not to click on links in suspicious emails. Read More»

Clouds in a server room

Among the benefits of a business expanding its network to the cloud is that cybersecurity can be less of a concern. Right? Wrong. Read More»

 Cyber Threat Landscape Report

During the third quarter of 2018, more than 41 percent of the traffic that flowed through firewalls that SDN Communications manages for customers was flagged as malicious or spam. Read More»

Better Business Bureau Panelists, Trevor Jones, Jared Ducommun and Chris Aeilts

If a hacker breaks into a small or midsized business’ computer network, the victim may not instinctively call the police. For some, there’s a perception that it’s not worth the hassle to report because law enforcement can’t do much about it. Read More»