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Infographic of the Month

Infographic Of The Month: The Internet Of Things Read More»

Keeping connected devices secure

As more and different types of connected devices go mainstream, the number of prospective targets for a hacker increases. However, investigative reports have indicated that some gadgets don’t pose much of a challenge to good hackers. Read More»

Same software, new flaw - Apache Struts

Apache Struts

Nearly a full year after we learned about the Apache Struts software vulnerability that led to the massive Equifax data breach, there’s an alert about another, similar problem. Read More»

Cybercrime Market

Here’s an interesting economic tidbit: Cybercrime has been so successful in recent years that the laws of supply and demand have depressed the market for stolen data. Read More»

Phishing & Sharks

Cybersecurity is serious business. The consequences of a successful attack on an organization’s network can be enormous. That doesn’t mean training staff members to reduce cyber risks has to be grim or boring. Read More»

A-OX Explosion

Businesses and other organizations have had to step up their defenses, including planning, to reduce the risks of being victimized. Read More»

Hackers using Multi-vector DDoS attacks

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have become more sophisticated, which is forcing businesses in the region to deploy more advanced defensive strategies. Read More»

Open Source Code Cybersecurity

Jon Scarbrough stresses the need for businesses to closely screen their software providers and monitor software coding on an ongoing basis to become quickly aware of newly reported vulnerabilities so that needed updates can be applied. Read More»

Managed Services Tech

Keeping up with cybersecurity changes is easier for companies with ongoing access to experts and good, well-maintained equipment. SDN's managed services offer that high level of protection to companies that might lack IT staff time or expertise. Read More»

Girls in Tech

Nationally, only about 11 percent of the people working in cybersecurity are women. Dr. Ashley Podhradsky, a faculty member at Dakota State University, doesn’t like to talk about the gender imbalance, however. Read More»