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It’s probably not fair to say that Americans are too willing to sacrifice security and privacy for the conveniences of technology. But at times that seems to be the case. Read More»

Yankton Chamber Email Scam Alert

Business organizations in Yankton have been under attack lately. Unidentified, profit-seeking scammers have sent several bogus emails to business people and civic groups in the southeastern South Dakota community. Read More»

Scam Alert

The incidence of sextortion has continued to rise in recent years. Parents, in particular, should beware. But anyone can be a victim of sextortion. Read More»

Cyber threats are real and stakes are high

Rain and umbrella

Good preparation for bad weather won’t change the forecast, cybersecurity expert Bryce Austin writes. In contrast, good cybersecurity planning can significantly impact outcomes. Read More»

2019 Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference

Businesses that want to enhance protection of their electronic assets should complicate network pathways that hackers might follow, not just try to block them from entering, according to a national cybersecurity expert. Read More»

SDN's Cyber Threat Landscape Report

Cyber outlaws value sensitive electronic information, and they’re always trying to get more. The allure of data in vulnerable computing systems is illustrated by findings in SDN Communications’ Cyber Threat Landscape Report for 2018. Read More»

3 Best password tactics to trump would-be hackers

entering password into laptop monitor

The name “donald” cracked SplashData’s list of the Top 100 Worst Passwords in 2018, debuting at No. 23 in the company’s eighth annual ranking of bad passwords. Read More»

FTC Cybersecurity for Small Business

The FTC offers free advice online to help small businesses fight threats such as phishing schemes, ransomware attacks and tech support scams. Materials include fact sheets, videos and quizzes. Read More»

Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference Register

“Cybersecurity is a concern not only for IT professionals, but also for business owners, executives, HR professionals and others.” Read More»

Fortinet Certifications

Businesses that subscribe to SDN Communications’ Managed Firewall Service enjoy advantages. For one, customers may contact the company no matter what type of cybersecurity challenge confronts them. Read More»