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Customer Service Pays at SDN

Posted on Friday, April 09, 2010

Blog written by Super

Have you ever received outstanding customer service? Like, so outstanding that you tell others about it? At SDN, we hope our customer service isn't just average. We hope it's so memorable, that you'll tell others about your experience with us. Here's an example. At SDN, we have a company-wide program called the "Silver Dollar Program." When customers or other employees notice someone from SDN going above and beyond for customer service, that person can be nominated for a silver dollar to recognize their efforts. Why a silver dollar? Our CEO, Mark Shlanta is a coin collector, and his reward shows all of us that customer service pays at SDN. The employee leading the entire company in silver dollar coins is Aaron Texley, a Senior Network Operations Technician. Coming in second is his boss, Rodney Grissom, Director of Network Operations. Although we know that customer service is not a competition, it's nice to recognize those who are exceptional at it.