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Commercial Web Browser Turns 15

Posted on Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog written by Super

Fifteen years ago today, the first commercial Web browser was released — a key milestone in the history of the Internet. On October 13th, 1994, Mosiac Communications Corp., later renamed Netscape Communications Corp., released the beta version of its web browser called Mosaic Netscape 0.9. For trademark reasons, the browser was later renamed Netscape Navigator. For the first time, average users were able to access the Internet and view text and images via the Web. Initially, Netscape Navigator’s popularity boomed, achieving 90% market share. Over 50 million copies of Navigator were distributed in the first two years of its operation. Unfortunately, Netscape’s success wouldn’t last long as Microsoft soon entered the industry by launching its browser, Internet Explorer 1.0, in 1995. Thanks to Microsoft’s savvy approach of bundling Internet Explorer into the Window’s operating system, by 2000, Netscape’s market share had fallen to under 1%. Today, the market is more segmented. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still holds 70% of the market while Mozilla’s Firefox browser has managed to grab 20%. Smaller players like Apple Safari and new entry Google Chrome hold around 5% of the market. What can we expect of the next generation of Web browsers? Look for more enhancements in performance and speed as well as browser customization for social networking sites like Facebook. From a software application that was barely bigger than 1 megabyte at its release to today’s sophisticated browsers, the technology of how we navigate through the Web has come a long way. As one of the first broadband Internet service providers in the region, SDN Communications recognized how the Internet would change the business landscape and adapted its services. SDN continues to stay ahead of the latest technology so we can meet your business’ needs now and in the future.

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