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Charities will be the real winners in SDN IT Games

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 in Community

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IT Games Charities

Participants in the SDN IT Games are playing for more than fun and bragging rights. The winners of three competitions get to pick which charitable organization gets a nice financial contribution.

The SDN IT Games, which began July 21, are light-hearted, office-oriented competitions that feature three unique games.

  • Beat the Buzzer: a contest in which participants toss crumped paper into a trash can.
  • Coffee Cup Relay: teams of four people toss objects such as paper clips or pens into a coffee cup.
  • Backup: tests participants’ ability to flip and catch a collection of pencils.

SDN Communications is the official host of the games, but all of the contestants get a home-office advantage. That’s because the actual competition happens in the participants’ work place.

Entries and video recordings of performances are submitted online. Entrants also may watch game demonstrations and get an explanation of rules on the official IT Games website. That’s also where contestants can check out competitors’ videos and monitor the leaderboard.

Other than paper cuts, the biggest risk to the losers might be that rivals will tease them for a poor performance.

Businesses throughout the Sioux Falls region - not just three charitable organizations designated to benefit - are encouraged to form teams, compete and have fun. The competition might be especially fitting for companies with multiple offices. That could provide for some intracompany competition. Friendly trash talking is allowed, even encouraged.

SDN, the leading provider of broadband connectivity and cybersecurity services for businesses in the region, will donate $500 to the charitable organization designated by the winner in each of the three competitions.

  • Lutheran Social Services is a private social service agency. Last year, its statewide services touched 50,700 lives. The agency serves people of all ages, races, faiths, and economic levels. It offers professional, confidential and affordable services in areas such as adoption, pregnancy, mental health and financial counseling, foster care, childcare, disaster assistance, residential services for children and independent living services for young adults, mentoring, and assisting new Americans.  
  • The Children’s Home Society protects and supports children, women and families by providing refuge, nourishment, love and limits to children whose homes have been violated. It also shelters and serves battered women. However, any gifts from this competition are being designated to the Children’s Home Society, which has residential centers in Sioux Falls and Rapid City.
  • The Washington Pavilion is a nonprofit, multiple-purpose entertainment, arts and science center Sioux Falls. Its features include two performance theaters, six art galleries, and three floors of hands-on science exhibits. The complex also includes the Wells Fargo CineDome, which shows films on a screen that is four stories high and 60 feet wide.

Executives with the three organizations appreciate the attention and possible support the SDN IT Games might bring.

“We’re very grateful to be included in this fun and creative fundraising opportunity. We appreciate that SDN included the Children’s Home Society as one of the possible beneficiaries,” said Rick Weber, director of development for the organization.

Jon Loos, vice president of operations at the Washington Pavilion, also is pleased by the inclusion of his organization.

“SDN is really good partner, and we like to play with our partners,” he said.

The Washington Pavilion staff has gotten into the good-natured spirit of the games.

“We realize that a lot of folks think we are a bunch of science, art and theatre nerds within these walls,” said Michele Wellman, director of public relations. “But don’t kid yourself. We can toss it down with the best of ‘em. We have been training in Trashketball, Backup, and Coffee Cup Relay for the past 17 years. Bring it on!”

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