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SDN launches service to protect businesses from DDoS attacks

Posted on Wednesday, October 07, 2015 in Managed DDoS Protection , Broadband Internet

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DDoS Attacks

This, to me, is amazing and a little frightening: For as little as $5 an hour, someone can order a disruptive, online attack on another computer system.

A month’s worth of persistent and potentially more crippling attacks on a network could cost $900 or more. And the identity of the party responsible for the attack will be protected in anonymity.

Some sellers of attack services on the dark web even offer discounts and a return options to customers. It’s like shopping on any other website.

With the expansion of broadband use and advances in technology, DDoS attacks have become easily accessible and increasingly common.

The buyers of attacks might be mischievous gamers fighting competitors. Attacks on companies might come from unscrupulous rivals, angry former employees, dissatisfied customers, cyber criminals or activists.

The attacks are known as a Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS attack. With the expansion of broadband use and advances in technology, DDoS attacks have become easily accessible and increasingly common.

Technologically savvy people with bad intentions can design their own attack. Or attacks can be purchased on an easily accessed, alternative network designed for anonymous communication. Tor is the biggest best known alternative network. Voluntary networks such as Tor were designed for legitimate purposes, such as serving as a communications tool for law enforcement, but obviously the technology can be misused, like any other software-accessible communications tool.

To help businesses in the Sioux Falls region fight mischievous and malicious DDoS attacks, SDN Communications in Sioux Falls is offering a new service: Managed DDoS Protection.

The service was added in early October to SDN’s menu of online security solutions, which also includes Managed Firewall and Managed Router services. Managed DDoS Protection is an add-on for the company’s Internet clients. The protection is applied upstream from a client’s network, so it is not available to businesses that get their Internet from another provider.

DDoS attacks try to make targeted services unavailable by overwhelming them with electronic traffic. Such attacks might enlist the help of virus-infected computers known as zombies, which can create robotic armies known as botnets.

Obviously, computer networks bogged down with meaningless or malicious electronic information cannot conduct legitimate business. Such attacks can cost companies thousands of dollars in lost business and possibly in equipment expenses.

To provide top-of-the-line service, SDN is working with Arbor Networks, the leading global provider of DDoS attack solutions. Arbor collects attack information from around the world to help companies such as SDN recognize bad electronic traffic. SDN updates attack signatures regularly to keep the bad traffic away.

Are DDoS Monsters stealing your Bandwidth?

Businesses experiencing sluggishness in their networks or whose customers are having trouble accessing the company’s network might be the victim of DDoS attack. SDN sales executives can help initiate a complimentary monitoring period to help businesses determine whether malicious attacks are to blame for problems. 

SDN Managed DDoS Protection is designed to provide for the rapid detection and reduction of malware attacks. Refinement of the service will be ongoing because the threats confronting businesses change constantly, say SDN staffers Steven Baltz, product manager, and Theron McChesney, marketing research specialist.

Gary Glissendorf, an SDN network architect, says businesses always should take proactive measures to safeguard information by such means as by keeping equipment updated and training employees well. But even facilities that are locked can get broken into. Managed DDoS Protection “is another tool in the toolbox for our customers,” Glissendorf says.

Managed services such as DDoS Protection allow clients to tap SDN’s technical expertise. They also allow clients to reduce up-front investments in equipment. SDN provides the know-how and equipment for a set monthly fee. The cost depends on the extent and level of service desired by a client.

Businesses that would like more information about Managed DDoS Protection, other security services or broadband connectivity should contact an account executive from SDN. Call 800-247-1442 or use the contact form.

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