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Burstable Internet becomes more accessible, appealing

Posted on Monday, August 10, 2015 in Broadband Internet

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Burstable Internet by SDN Communications

In recent months, Burstable Internet has moved from the back shelf to the front line of high-tech services that SDN Communications offers.

“We had offered it as a custom solution but not as a standard product. Now it’s a standard offering,” says Travis Dangel, director of service design and delivery at Sioux Falls-based SDN.

Burstable Internet had been available for years as a negotiated, money-saving service for SDN broadband subscribers who had an occasional need to exceed their regular bandwidth allotment. The service option is a way for clients to accommodate short bursts in electronic traffic while avoiding heavy overage charges.

Advances in technology have improved service-monitoring techniques and helped make Burstable Internet more accessible and appealing to businesses. Burstable Internet became a standard offering at SDN in early 2015.

The service might be beneficial, for example, to a large business that periodically sends a large amount of data to an off-site location for backup purposes.

“In its simplest form, it allows customers the flexibility to utilize more bandwidth on occasions than they typically would on a normal day,” Dangel says.

The service essentially allows a client to maintain a level of service commitment that will meet its needs 95 percent of the time. Basing overage charges on the 95th percentile, as SDN does, is the industry standard.

The pricing formula Burstable Internet measures broadband use in time segments, from periods of low use to high use, and discards the top five percent. So clients who exceed their limit for a brief time avoid financial penalties for irregular or unpredictable traffic.

However, clients that consistently go over their expected broadband usage every month probably would be better off increasing their level of subscribed service. The scalable nature of SDN connectivity allows clients to easily upgrade their service capacity as their business needs grow and evolve.

Scaling service level up or down can take a few days to implement. That might be a factor to consider, too.

Broadband users who routinely go over their quota without Burstable Internet or some other strategic alternative run the risk that the transmission of their electronic information could be disrupted. Compare it to someone trying to rapidly pour two quarts of fuel through a one-quart funnel. The excess liquid is likely to spill out and could be wasted.

Electronic information worth saving and moving is probably valuable, and businesses are sending and receiving more of it than ever before. Data volumes are soaring. Most growing and successful businesses steadily advance to bigger and faster Internet connections.

Burstable Internet is an option that can help some businesses occasionally exceed threshold limits in the transmission of data at a cost less than full overage fees. It’s almost like having broadband on demand.

It’s a tool to combat sometimes unpredictable spikes in Internet traffic and a way to establish more predictable billing expenses.

As the premier regional provider of broadband connectivity and related communications services for businesses and institutions in the region, SDN knows all about Burstable Internet. To find out whether the service is available in your area, call 800-247-1442 and ask for an account executive or simply reach out through the contact form on the website.