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FCC Net Neutrality Vote

A much-anticipated vote over proposed Internet regulation came and went recently, but there is no resolution in sight to the high-tech controversy. Read More»

Highly charged debate at the federal level over proposed regulation of the Internet has reached a significant junction, but nothing is likely to be resolved soon. Read More»

SDN Ethernet

Ethernet technology has grown through the years to become a highly popular, industry standard in electronic communications. Read More»

Cybersecurity, It's what we do

Heartbleed and Shellshock were serious cyberthreats to private information in hundreds of thousands of servers and online accounts. Anyone who uses the Internet could have exposed passwords and other private information to cyberthieves controlling the bugs. Read More»

We’d like to see the President make a stronger commitment to maintaining and strengthening existing federal programs that have a proven history of bringing high quality and affordable services to small towns and rural areas. Read More»

Net Neutrality

The idea that Internet service providers should treat data transmissions equally, a concept known as net neutrality, sounds good on the surface. Defining how net neutrality should work is getting complicated, though, because the concept means different things to people. Read More»

Know your wireless signals

Infographic of the Month

Wireless communication is the transfer of information between two or more points that are not connected by an electrical conductor. Get to know your wireless signals through our infographic. Read More»

Rural Opportunity Investment Conference

A multibillion-dollar national fund will provide a new financing option for expanding broadband services in rural America. Creation of the Rural Infrastructure Fund is an encouraging development for the regional telecommunications industry and under-served areas of the consumer market. Read More»

5G for mobile devices

Twenty years ago, mobile data was information that people compiled in notebooks and carried around with them. The definition began changing in the 1990s when digital cellular networks started going mainstream. Read More»

Rich Scott - SDN Archive Photo

“SDN Communications is now, as it should be, a hugely successful, robust business, and one of the most significant South Dakota corporations,” says SDN's first CEO, Rich Scott. Read More»