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Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog written by Super

There's nothing technical about this post. It's pure heart. Past blogs here have talked about SDN’s staff having heart. Pamela Bolling, our executive administrative assistant, showed it today in a story she emailed co-workers about her commute to the office. It halted at the red light at 41st & Kiwanis. Accident? No. Stalled car? No.

Instead it was an act of nature – seven baby ducklings that Pamela saw crossing the street, but they disappeared under her car. Pamela tells it best from there:

In a panic I flew out of the Jeep and over to the right side, only to find the seven little cuties huddle beside and under my front right tire. I bent over and tried to herd them into that line again, but whoever the leader was, he was not paying any attention whatsoever. Little by little, I managed to get them to the curb, but no one would make the jump “up” onto the sidewalk - then appeared a wonderful fellow, who introduced himself as Richard. He’d witnessed my shepherding fiasco, leaving his SUV unattended in the middle of 41st Street, to come and help.

With Richard’s help we got the fuzzy little web footed sweeties onto the sidewalk. Richard kept them in some sort of a ten finger spread fence while I ran for the phone, only to be honked at to MOVE THAT JEEP and sorry my fellow Sioux Fallians … I did not have the time…! I called 411 they were amazing… connecting me to SF Duck (animal) Control where as you can imagine at 7:10am I listened to a voicemail…! Grrrrr….! Then Richard suggested calling 911 – so you bet’cha that is exactly what I did, only to get a piercing screech back in my ear, twice… I was just explaining that sound to Richard when (just like in the movies) 911 calls me back. I apologize for utilizing them but did not know where to turn. They were so nice and contacted the police for me, who in turn, agreed to send a squad car to pick up the seven little distressed darlings.

While waiting for the squad car to arrive, another gentleman approached us with a box and suggested that he haul off our little sweet peas to the water just off Kiwanis and 49th. Richard and I who with only knowing one another ten minutes had become the loving parents of the seven fluffy fugitives and we were having no part of that idea. The very thought of Sneaky, Sleepy, Itchy, Ringo, Penelope, Pokey and Doc -- being orphaned off in a who knows what infested pond of muck and mire… NO WAY…. However, we did opt to retain his box.

Then like the cartoon light bulb – I remembered my science class about imprinting and birds. So… sinking down in my heels I began walking backwards toward the Schezwan Caf? when low and behold the leader mistook me for mama! They lined up in a perfect (and I do mean, perfect line!) and followed me until my back was against the caf?’s brick wall and I could go no further, at which time the little dolls gathered at my feet. This morning I learned that the toes of each of my shoes can successfully perch three baby ducks perfectly. However, number seven, Pokey, decided to just investigate my pants leg checking it for duck food.

When the squad car arrived, it was one of Sioux Falls finest lady officers. She was just as happy as we were that the young ones had been looked after and protected. Richard and I handed off our little group of quackers to the officer, all boxed up and ready for their next adventure, riding in a squad car!