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SDN employees step up to help elementary school

Garfield Elementary BINGO Donations

Several elementary schools in Sioux Falls don’t enjoy the benefit of having active parent-teacher groups. The schools’ students miss out on the volunteer help and the financial assistance that parent organizations typically provide. Read More»

Sioux Falls Chamber Cybersecurity Conference

There’s a 16-minute video available on YouTube that’s more compelling than most TV dramas. The real-life video shows a team of hired hackers breaking into a power cooperative’s facilities somewhere in the Midwest to test and help improve the company’s security’s practices. Read More»

Cybersecurity plans & business executives

The risks and potential consequences of cybercrime demand that cybersecurity be a priority for top business executives and corporate board members. Read More»

Look for unusual network activity to help detect breaches

Data Breach, What to look for

On average, organizations take 191 days to detect a breach and 66 days to contain the intrusion, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute. Read More»

Cybersecurity event

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce will cohost a regional cybersecurity conference March 27 at the Holiday Inn City Centre in Sioux Falls. Read More»

SDN Cloud Exchange Service

SDN Communications launched a new service at the beginning of 2018 to help companies more efficiently and securely access their cloud-based data centers and applications. Read More»

Cyber Threat Landscape Report

The Sioux Falls region is by no means isolated from national attack methods, such as the one that successfully targeted Equifax and exposed the personal information of tens of millions of Americans. Read More»

Internship season is coming, and the forecast is bright

SDN Internships

SDN Communications expanded its internship program several years ago, and the results continue to be highly worthwhile. Read More»

Tony, IT Hero

With businesses’ computer networks under constant attack by everyone from neighborhood hackers to international gangsters, IT professionals really have become heroes in the workplace. Read More»

Data Breach legislation

South Dakota remains the last state in the nation without data breach reporting protection for citizens, but Attorney General Marty Jackley intends to change that with the help of lawmakers this session. Read More»