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Crews Drill Fiber in for Santel's FiberMaxx Project

Santel Communications of Woonsocket is finishing work on the first phase of a $24 million network upgrade. The project is bringing world-class fiber connectivity to its customers. Read More»

Fiber optics internet

In the jargon of electronic communications, bandwidth and speed sometimes seem to mean the same thing. At other times, the two terms clearly refer to something different. Read More»

A crash course on the details found in a malicious email, variations and a reminder not to click on links in suspicious emails. Read More»

Worthington High School Getting New Fiber Connection

Before public schools in Worthington, Minn., were connected directly to a fiber optic network, they relied for years on wireless internet with spotty service. Read More»

Clouds in a server room

Among the benefits of a business expanding its network to the cloud is that cybersecurity can be less of a concern. Right? Wrong. Read More»

 Cyber Threat Landscape Report

During the third quarter of 2018, more than 41 percent of the traffic that flowed through firewalls that SDN Communications manages for customers was flagged as malicious or spam. Read More»

SD-WAN: What You Need to Know

Hybrid WAN: mixture of MPLS AND SD-WAN

Traditional wide area networks (WANs) have been great with reliable delivery of packets, thanks to MPLS and Ethernet. But there are other ways to scale the network and do more with less hardware while meeting cloud computing needs and business requirements. Read More»

Better Business Bureau Panelists, Trevor Jones, Jared Ducommun and Chris Aeilts

If a hacker breaks into a small or midsized business’ computer network, the victim may not instinctively call the police. For some, there’s a perception that it’s not worth the hassle to report because law enforcement can’t do much about it. Read More»

Infographic of the Month

Insider vs. Outsider cybersecurity threats: what they are, their source, motives and methods explained and how to prevent the attacks. Read More»

IP Address List with IPv4 numbers

Every device connected through a wireless or wired network is assigned an Internet Protocol address, or IP address, so it can communicate. Today, that’s done using IPv4 but the inventory is limited and has run out. Read More»