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a rabbit hole in the ground

Chris Aeilts, a sales engineer at SDN, pulled me out of the figurative rabbit hole, dusted me off, and explained what Ethernet is and isn’t, and how the definition can vary. Read More»

Amy Preator Reading to Garfield Elementary Students

Employees at SDN Communications have a special relationship with several hundred elementary school students and their teachers. The students attend Garfield Elementary School, a public school near SDN’s headquarters in west-central Sioux Falls. Read More»

Hearing highlights rural connectivity successes and challenges

Senate Field Hearing - Mark Shlanta Speaking

One of the keys to expanding connectivity in the nation is to first determine where people have access to high-speed fiber connectivity and where it doesn’t exist. Read More»

Conference will showcase innovative technology in S.D.

cellular tower at sunset

It’s a good time to be in the telecommunications infrastructure business, according to Jennifer Fritzsche. She analyzes national telecom issues and says tens of billions of dollars of new infrastructure will be necessary to prepare the United States for 5G. Read More»

Downtown Sioux Falls Sidewalk

Ten new light poles that will double as small cell support structures are expected to significantly enhance mobile connectivity in the area. Read More»

SDN Internship Experience - More than just an intern

The two summer marketing interns, Kara and Lindsey, reflect on their time at SDN. Read More»

Hartford Area Development Foundation

Civic leaders in Hartford invited SDN executives to talk about small cell technology at an Aug. 16 meeting of the Hartford Area Development Foundation. Read More»

Denny Law, the new president of the SDN Communications Board of Managers, expects challenges and opportunities in the telecom industry to keep unfolding rapidly in the future. Read More»

Businesses increasingly rely on the tools of technology. Computerized and automated processes are common and valuable contributors in all kinds of commercial operations. Read More»

Early in 2019, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, or NAIC, identified cybersecurity as “perhaps one of the most important topics for the insurance sector today.” Read More»