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Sunset of Rural SD

In her recent budget address, Gov. Kristi Noem outlined her plan to start with a $5 million investment to encourage private sector partnerships to deliver internet to every pocket of the state. So where is the digital divide in South Dakota? Read More»

Data Privacy: Resources for you, your business

Data Privacy Day is January 28

Advances in high-tech fields such as automation and artificial intelligence, as well as old-fashioned criminal greed, have made digital data difficult to protect. But it must be done. Read More»

Brent Christensen, Christensen Communications Company

Getting into telecommunications after working in law enforcement was a natural move for Brent Christensen, vice president and chief operating officer of Christensen Communications Company in Madelia, Minn. Read More»

employee frustrated with malicious email

Email is the initial weapon of choice for a lot of cybercriminals. It’s a cheap, easy and low-risk way for a thief to get an initial introduction to a business. Read More»

Collage of images from 2018's top blogs

The most viewed blog published by SDN Communications in 2018 was a column that gave readers an inside look at how company experts responded to an equipment failure at a bank in South Dakota. Read More»

SDN Switch Room - Before

A significant upgrade in telephone switching equipment at SDN Communications provides striking visual evidence of how the tools of technology are getting smaller as well as better. Read More»

WAN or SD-WAN for businesses?

The SD-WAN market is predicted to grow by 69 percent annually to become an $8 billion market by 2021. So which enterprises are most suitable? Read More»

semi trucks platooning on highway

South Dakota Department of Transportation employees are working with neighboring states to test high-tech trucks on the interstate. They’ll be radar-controlled and follow each other at a distance other drivers might consider tailgating. Read More»

McAfee 2019 Cyberattack tactic flow chart

I often feel a little uneasy after reading about the latest cybersecurity threats. McAfee Labs' report for the new year was no different as it revealed rumblings from the cyber underground suggest hackers increasingly are working together to launch more effective attacks. Read More»

Steer at sale barn

Internet-based transactions drive half the U.S. economy, according to a study conducted for the Foundation for Rural Service, and cyber contributions to the gross domestic product are growing. Read More»