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Sioux Falls Cybersecurity Conference Register

“Cybersecurity is a concern not only for IT professionals, but also for business owners, executives, HR professionals and others.” Read More»

Fortinet Certifications

Businesses that subscribe to SDN Communications’ Managed Firewall Service enjoy advantages. For one, customers may contact the company no matter what type of cybersecurity challenge confronts them. Read More»

Sioux City, Iowa, skyline

The South Dakota-based network reaches into eight other states in the region and, from there, ties cooperatively into other networks and extends across the United States. Read More»

digital economy money and cybersecuity

A new report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the security software company McAfee estimates that cybercrime costs the world nearly $600 billion a year. Read More»

Epic Build Demonstration with Casey Swanson & Student

Older students at Lowell Elementary School in Sioux Falls coded laptop computers to build images of multistory structures. Others programmed small, robotic vehicles to stop, go or turn on their command. Read More»

Lismore Telephone

For a small business, the Lismore Coop Telephone Company delivers big. The 112-year-old Minnesota company upgraded all of its copper telephone lines to fiber nearly a decade ago and has probided wireless services for nearly 30 years. Read More»

Firewall blocking bad traffic

Businesses spend months, even years, earning their customers’ trust and confidence. Unfortunately, even close relationships can be destroyed in a matter of days. Data breaches are a major culprit. Read More»

10 Reasons to deploy MPLS technology

Network diagram

Through the years, new data-transporting techniques have worked to minimize issues. Multiprotocol Label Switching, or MPLS, is among them. MPLS was created roughly two decades ago and has emerged as the prevailing solution, according to some telecommunications experts. Read More»

Student at laptop - technology in the classroom

U.S. schools have made tremendous progress in connecting students to the internet. South Dakota and neighboring states rank near the top nationally. However, fresh challenges to enhance digital learning opportunities await. Read More»

Zach Ducheneaux Riding A Horse - photo by Chris Dickinson

Think tribal territories don’t have technology? Think again. Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Telephone Authority in Eagle Butte stands out, not only locally but nationally. Read More»