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Jake VanDewater, SDN Communications Director of Network Operations

Jake VanDewater is among the experts at SDN Communications who spend their work days making sure the Sioux Falls-based company’s business and organization clients have access to effective cybersecurity services. Read More»

Student executing DDoS Attacks

When you think about someone planning an electronic attack on a computer network, you probably envision foreign terrorists, domestic criminals or maybe unethical business or political rivals. You probably don’t think about high school students who want to get out of a test or amuse themselves with mischief. Read More»

5 Worthy charities that need your help right now

Bishop Dudley hospitality House

The SDN Communications' 160 employees are active in the civic-minded matters year-round, but they make special efforts in December to help people and families in need. Read More»

Law Firms & Cybersecurity

National news reports last spring indicated that some of the nation’s most prestigious law firms had been hacked. But they're a different kind of cyber target because they accumulate information about legal disputes and regulatory plans more than consumer credit card and Social Security numbers. Read More»

Experienced telecom executive joins SDN team in Minnesota

Ryan Dutton, SDN Communications Sales Executive

SDN's expanded network is ready for businesses in southern Minnesota and now has an experienced, telecom sales executive to work with them. Ryan Dutton is someone who knows the industry well. Read More»

Infographic of the month: Password Protection

Infographic of the Month

Our infographic of the month offers tips and tricks to protect your information and accounts with strong passwords. Use the form to download our trio of cybersecurity awareness posters. Read More»

Small Cell Pole

As more people rely on their mobile phones and tablets to stream video and browse the Internet, some wireless carriers are using small cell networks to improve customer service and meet the bandwidth demands of mobile users. Read More»

Melanie Sage

Melanie Sage brings vast and valuable experience to her new role as a wholesale account executive with SDN Communications. She has 13 years of prior experience with SDN in other positions and five years in sales jobs with other companies. Read More»

Ransomware warning from the FBI

With good reason, this blog has focused a lot of attention in recent months on ransomware, a form of cyberattack been increasing at a rate that is almost alarming. Last year, cybersecurity forensics experts discovered approximately 100 families of ransomware. Read More»

Drone, automatic grill cleaner and other high-tech gifts

2016 Tech Gadget Gifts

High-tech products in the development stage include mobile TV screens that people could roll up and carry like a newspaper. Then, at their leisure, they could spread out the screen and turn it on. That sounds fun and convenient. Read More»