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Six interns gaining real-life work experience at SDN

With jobs openings relatively plentiful in the Sioux Falls area, finding good workers can be challenging, especially for companies in specialized areas such as telecommunications. A good internship program has helped expose SDN to promising students, several of whom have landed internships and been groomed into good, full-time employees. Read More»

5G Cell phone coverage

More so than many industries, the history of telecommunications has been filled with game-changing developments. Consider all that’s happened in just the last couple of generations. The next is on the way: the fifth generation wireless technology commonly referred to as 5G. Read More»

MN Broadband Taskforce with Ryan Dutton

Minnesota has taken an aggressive grant approach in funding hard-to-reach rural areas for broadband connectivity, and it hasn’t been afraid to reach across state lines for providers to improve Internet access. Read More»

Colle Nash, WRCTC General Manager

Colle Nash is a business leader with a unique vantage point. As the general manager of West River Cooperative Telephone Company and Grand Electric Cooperative, he's also one of the newest members of the SDN Communications’ nine-member Board of Managers. Read More»

Today, another round of ransomware cyberattacks wormed its way around the globe. At SDN Communications we continuously monitor such activity to ensure that our Managed Firewall customers are protected. Here is the latest... Read More»

Aeilts fits in well on SDN’s cybersecurity team

SDN Communications takes a team approach in assisting businesses with complex cybersecurity needs, and Chris Aeilts has become an important part of the group. Aeilts is a sales engineer—someone who helps bridge possible gaps in communication between the business professionals SDN serves and the technical experts SDN employs. Read More»

Dual ASNs - Broadband connectivity

For some businesses, a temporary stop in Internet service might not be a big deal. However, for others maintaining a good Internet connectivity might be extremely important. Businesses in the Sioux Falls region can reduce the likelihood of losing connectivity by having two, separately based and maintained connections to the Internet. Read More»

Bill Tetrault & Mike Klein

SDN Communications’ sales representatives often talk to business clients about their companies’ cybersecurity needs. When the discussion turns to the technical aspects of cyber risks and the products and services to combat them, the sales rep is likely to call Bill Tetrault or Mike Klein into the conversation. Read More»

The new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai recently made a multistate tour of rural America which included a few stops in South Dakota. Read More»

New switching equipment will improve telecom services

New switching equipment being phased into use at SDN Communications will significantly enhance the quality and flexibility of telecommunications services that member companies in the region and national carriers can provide their clients. Read More»